translating docs

Damian Wojslaw damian at
Fri May 31 13:55:14 CDT 2002


	I just posted similiar thing on wine-users, but Anriy Palamarchuk said, that 
he intend to say something about it here. I thought I might as well give him 
a good opportunity and ask: what about translating docs? Those at WineHQ and 
within Wine tree? What I would like to know is, which of them would you like 
to see translated first (as for now, I am, unfortunately, the only person I 
know of, that intends to do this)? What about user interface? How do you want 
to distribute it - want to have it at your site, or ony host a link? And so 
on, and so forth, and whatever... :)))) 

Damian Wojslaw

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