Tucows top-100 applications :)

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It is today top 100 tucows list. I think that it shouldn't
be the better wine top 100 list, some entries should be
removed, and some new added. (For example some cdrecord


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1. Irfan View - This feature-rich image viewer and converter supports many 

2. Winace - If you need to compress and archive, try out this tool.

3. Internet Explorer - This listing includes 5.01, 5.01 High Encryption Pack, 
   5.5, 6.0 Beta and the long awaited, official release of 6.0.

4. WinZip - The most popular compression utility for Windows just got better.

5. ICQ for Windows - The new and improved ICQ is here with all the great 
   features you've come to expect -- plus a whole new set!

6. Acrobat Reader - This is the solution to your PDF troubles.

7. VCDEasy - This is a VCD authoring freeware.

8. Go!Zilla - Let this program do all the work of downloading and 
                                                                                9. WS-FTP LE - WS-FTP LE is a great application that allows remote file   
   edits, chmods on UNIX boxes and file moves.

10. Winamp - This program has so many possibilities and offers such a wide 
    range of interfaces, you'll need no other player.

11. WinRAR - This is a version of the popular RAR compression format, offering 
    significantly improved compression ratios.

12. Norton AntiVirus - This is one of the most well-known virus scanners on 
    the market today.

13. Fruityloops - Make your own MIDIs, WAVs and MP3s in minutes.

14. Download Accelerator Plus - Automatically manage your downloads while 
    accelerating them with multiple server connections.

15. QuickTime Player - View almost any movie out there with the added benefits 
    of Apple's exclusive formats. QuickTime Player is one of the best around.

16. McAfee Virus Scan - McAfee's Virus Scan includes a command-line, DOS 
    protection system, a background scanner, an an an on-demand scanner.

17. Microsoft DirectX - Add better graphic performance to your computer.    
    This is by far a necessary download for all users.

18. Easy CD-DA Extractor - This program rips CDs, converts audio files between 
    different formats, and creates audio CDs from WAV and MP3 files.

19. Clean Disk 2002 - Recover wasted disk space with this utility.

20. ICQ Plus - This program makes ICQ skinnable.

21. Ad-aware - This is a spyware removal utility that scans your memory, 
    registry and hard drives for known spyware components and lets you 
    remove them.

22. Norton Antivirus DAT - This is the latest DAT file for  all Norton 
    Antivirus users.

23. WordWeb - An extremely popular dictionary and thesaurus in one.

24. Netscape - The Internet browser war continues with yet another smash 

25. mIRC - This is a popular IRC client.

26. CD Mate - This is a powerful CD backup utility.

27. ACDSee - This is a picture viewer, graphics converter and image management 

28. Partition Magic - Use this to organize and protect your data, safely run 
    multiple operating systems, and effortlessly convert file system types.

29. Putty - This simple Telnet application could hang with the big boys.

30. Sygate Personal Firewall - This program provides multi-layer user-friendly 
    PC protection.

31. Hotline Client - This is an all-in- one utility for file sharing, chat 
    and download connections.

32. MSN Messenger - This is a simple messaging service that allows you to chat 
    with one or more friends at a time.

33. XNews - XNews features a advanced filtering and support for multiple 

34. Easy DVD Player - This is a DVD player.
35. zMUD - Make your MUD life easier and more profitable with this client.

36. Paint Shop Pro - This is a popular and easy-to-use graphics editor with 
    great features, including complete layer support.

37. ICUII - This provides video and voice chat with your family, friends and 
    colleagues in a few easy clicks.
38. FlashFXP - FlashFXP features crash recovery so you don't lose any 
    transfers due to power outages.

39. CuteFTP - Easily transfer files between your PC and remote computers 
    with this feature-rich, industry favorite.

40. System Mechanic - Try out this non- intrusive tool that will allow you 
    to find and fix problems with your system as well as properly maintain 
    your PC.

41. Outlook Express - This client supports POP, IMAP and HTTP mail accounts.

42. ACDSee Classic - This tool provides lightening fast image viewing and 
    image browsing.

43. CoffeeCup Free FTP - A basic, easy to use FTP client for those who don't 
    need anything fancy.

44. GetRight - This application helps you recover from disconnections and 
    speeds up your downloads.

45. Yahoo! Messenger - Make online conversations simple.

46. Agent - This tool for USENET collaborators and binary collectors includes 
    an integrated e-mail program.

47. Tiny Personal Firewall - This little firewall will keep your computer 

48. SoftCam - This is a virtual camera for the PC.

49. Audio CD Ripper - This lets you easily extract audio tracks from your 
    existing audio CDs.

50. WinMX - Take file sharing to a new level.  

51. Twins Video Player - Get all your video viewing needs here!

52. Morpheus - This is a file sharing client that lets you search and 
    download  between peers in any possible format that's shared.

53. MusicMatch Jukebox - Digitally record and MP3- encode tracks from   
    your CD library in a single step.

54. FlashGet - Optimize your file downloads by splitting them up.

55. iMesh - This file sharing network puts a mean comparison on the rest in 
    the category - it's similar but with a few options not seen in the others.

56. Fresh Download - Get your downloads fast with this program.

57. Adobe Photoshop - Download the industry standard image-editing application.

58. FTP Voyager - Perform FTP tasks as if you're working locally in 
    Internet Explorer.

59. WS-FTP Pro - This FTP tool is simple, yet sophisticated enough for 
    experts. This is one of the fastest and most popular.

60. McAfee DAT Files - These are the latest engine and the latest DAT files 
    for McAfee VirusScan.

61. Cerberus FTP Server - This Cerberus is not three-headed beast,  
    but a guardian for your FTP server.

62. WAV to MP3 Encoder - Now you can save all of your CDs on your computer.

63. Norton Utilites 2001 - This is a Norton dream, featuring tons of    
    applications to keep your PC running top notch.

64. CoffeeCup HTML Editor - This is a powerful, full- featured HTML editor 
    that has built-in FTP, 125 JavaScripts, an image gallery and more.

65. Panda Antivirus Titanium - This is a powerful and easy-to-use antivirus 

66. MoviePlay - This is an excellent player for almost any movies.

67. Anti-Trojan - This is a fast and reliable trojan remover that detects and 
    deletes trojan horses using port-, registry- and disk-scans.

68. Microsoft NetMeeting - Enjoy live audio and video over the Internet 
    through your Web cam.

69. Trillian - Chat using several different accounts and services 

70. GuildFTPD - This FTP server features plug-in, LAN support, file        
    resumption, and administrative tools.

71. Free Agent - An easy to use Newsreader with autopost.

72. Windows Commander - This program is not just a file manager. It is also 
    an FTP client and a compression utility.

73. Xteq X-Setup - Tweak your Windows 9x boot options to Windows 2000 
    ActiveDirectory settings.

74. DivX Subtitle Displayer - This program can play DivX movies and display 

75. CuteFTP Pro - CuteFTP Pro is the ideal client-side solution for secure 
    file transfers.

76. Zoom Player - This is an extremely configurable media and DVD front end.

77. BulletProof FTP Server - An FTP server that gives the user great features 
    such as resuming upload and download along with viewing server activity 
    in real time.

78. SMASHER - This helps stop pop-up ads before you see them, remove cookies 
    as you browse and clean your PC of Internet files.

79. UltimateZip - This is a program that works with sixteen different types 
    of compressed file archives.

80. ZoneAlarm Pro - Get firewall protection in a flash.

81. CleanReg3 - This housekeeping tool can find and remove invalid file 
    references in the registry.

82. pdf995 - Now you can create PDF files by selecting the print command from 
    any application.

83. FTP Commander - FTP Commander features a remote file management and 
    command-line FTP.

84. StarOffice - Who says nothing in life is free? Sun Microsystems has 
    developed a powerful multi-platform suite.

85. WinDVD - This DVD playhouse lets you pan, scan, and play for hours.

86. Macromedia Flash - This program works with graphics, movies, HTML, MP3 
    audio, and motion to deliver the freedom of producing a site the way 
    you want it to be.

87. VNC - Remote-to- Host transfer? Could it be?

88. CyberLink PowerDVD - Explore new dimensions in DVD interactivity.

89. TDS-3: Trojan Defence Suite - This is an anti-trojan package that detects 
    over 3,500 distinct  trojans and worms, with over 12,000 signatures to 
    detect variants and traces.

90. McAfee.com SecurityCenter - This tool combines a set of free security 
    tools with simple access to McAfee.com's managed security solutions.

91. CoffeeCup Free HTML - Build a Web page and have it online in minutes, 
    using this popular, streamlined editor.

92. WinFax PRO - This program lets you send faxes over  the Internet or phone 

93. CyberScrub - This removes all traces of your computer activities. 
    It erases document history, Internet files and more.

94. Opera Cowified - Is this just another plain-looking browser? It's        
    deceptively powerful!

95. OpenSSH on Windows - Access another computer remotely.

96. Pegasus Mail - This is the e-mail client of choice for many beginner and 
    advanced users.

97. Download Mage - This is the Swiss Army knife of download managers.

98. STOPzilla: The ULTIMATE Popup Killer - Block and manage intrusive pop-up 
    ads with personality.

99. Blaze Media Pro - This all-in-one player, playlist, converter, burner,   
    explorer and editor handles all of your multimedia needs.

100. WinISO - Use this tool to break up ISO files.

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