Wine FAQ - call for a volunteer

Andreas Mohr andi at
Fri Nov 1 15:02:59 CST 2002

On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 03:06:55PM -0500, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> On November 1, 2002 08:15 am, Jeremy White wrote:
> > My vision for the FAQ is a hand edited main
> > FAQ with the current FAQ-o-matic being
> > pushed to a secondary role.
> Please get rid of the FAQ-O-matic. The interface
> is atrocious. A hand written one would do just
> fine, is not like we add 100 questions per day!
> (And if we do, something's wrong, who's gonna read them?)
Excuse me, what is sooooooo terrible about the FOM ???
Having to maintain hundreds of different web pages by hand
(in order to gain the required interdependencies for some complicated
issues) is a *lot* more difficult than simply adding/removing/reordering
FOM content as you see fit.
I agree that using a static web page for the FAQ part instead could
probably be better - but for the troubleshooting content ??
The troubleshooting content is meant to be a step-by-step problem solver
area (and it is, to some extent). Now tell me how you'd implement the
same thing easily with an ordinary web page, without losing flexibility
for very quick changes/reordering ??

*I* am the one maintaining the FOM (well, currently on the paper at least :-\)
and thus *I* reserve the right to have some extra say on how that docu part
should be done.
To me it sounds a bit like people turn a glaring maintenance problem
(I currently don't have a lot of time to give it the necessary attention
it requires due to people adding tons of stuff, and there're not too many
people to still properly handle this) into a general, greatly simplifying
"we need something entirely different, this sucks" kinda thing.

IMHO the REAL problem here is that the content is sort of outdated and
unmaintained since I currently don't have a whole lot of time to spend
in the IRC channel in order to catch up current Wine issues of people,
and of course due to other obvious reasons.

...unless you can convince me that the FOM *indeed* is the wrong approach
and you name me a valid replacement that handles the step-by-step
problem solving approach at least as well as the FOM
(or you name me an entirely different approach that is *superiour*).

Turning the FOM read-only might also be a "solution" to the maintenance

I'm starting to be fed up about the fact that people keep complaining
about things, without *really* suggesting superiour alternatives and
*really* making sure this gets fixed if it's not good enough.

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