My WineHQ menu structure proposal - counterproposal

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sat Nov 2 23:51:01 CST 2002

>   5.5 Application database

I think the application database is buried too deep
here; I think it should be, if not top level,
a main entry under 'Status'.

Also, I want to make sure that I am in a minority
here in feeling that the proposed structure is
going in the wrong direction.  I think a better
design is fewer, simpler, choices at each level.

I was the primary driving force behind the
current top level menu, so if everyone else
thinks I'm full of beans, I'll shut up and
go away (but not without my long winded
say, of course <grin>).

However, I think that when someone comes to
a home page, they really have only the following
major questions:
  What is this?
  How do I get it?
  Hey!  It's busted!  Help!
  How can I help?
  What's New?

For example, in your proposed structure, it
is completely unclear to me what the difference
between Support and Forums is.  The IRC
channel is one of our best support tools...
but it's under Forums?  Similarly, what's
the difference between Development and

So, I propose the following instead:

First, this assumes that we use Jeremy Newman's idea of a rotating
screen shot on main page, and continued prominence of the news.

1.  What is Wine?
  1.1  Intro 
  1.2  Technology  (very high level overview)
  1.3  Why Wine
  1.4. Will it run my app? Screenshots/Appdb
  1.5  History
  1.6  Current Status
    1.6.1  Status
    1.6.2  Projected milestones/timelines
  1.7  Community
    1.7.1  Who's Who
    1.7.2  Related projects
    1.7.3  Companies
  1.8 Contacts
  1.9 Legal

     I actually think having a sequence of shorter
     pages is much more powerful than having an
     intimidatingly long page.

2.  How do I get Wine?
  (link to tarballs, and binary packages, cross link
   to the development pages re CVS)

3.  Help!

  3.1 FAQ   
  3.2 Documentation
    3.2.1 Users Guide
    3.2.2 Developers Guide
    3.2.3 Troubleshooting  (I left this in, but I don't know 
           what it means)
  3.2.4 Other documentation Howto Packagers doco API Docs
  3.3  Forums
    3.3.1 Mailing Lists
    3.3.2 Newsgroup
    3.3.3 IRC Channel
  3.4 Bugzilla
  3.5 Commercial support

4.  How do I get involved?
  4.1 Application maintainer
  4.2 Bug triage
  4.3 Website maintenance
  4.4 Development (short page with links to the development section)

    4.4.1 Source
      (page with explanation of the CVS trees, LXR, cvsweb, etc.)
    4.4.2 Developer Hints
    4.4.3 Submitting Patches
    4.4.4 Outstanding Work 
      (page with the 0.9/1.0 TODOs, Tasklist/bug 395, FIXMEs/bug 455,
       Tasklets/bug 406, most wanted bugs)
    4.4.5 Tools
    4.4.6 Documentation
      (cross link back to doco)

  4.5 Support Wine-based products

</long winded pitch>

I'm willing to be voted down here; I just wanted to make sure
we weren't just being bullied into accepting a complicated



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