Mark Hannessen msh104.mymail at
Sun Nov 3 08:53:56 CST 2002

here we are.

Zsolt about Safedisc 1.x

> When the patch was published, there was a discussion, and the conclusion was 
> that the code is very probably legal, and is not against DMCA

> Are you sure about the above statements? Have you checked that, or it is 
> just your opinion?

Carlos words regarding copy protection:

> You aren't giving hints to decrypt some code, simply implementing the
> win32 API, and sometimes implementing a PC architecture, it is far away
> of decrypt code ;).

well i'am not a lawyer, so i guess i was probably wrong about
copyprotection being illegal after all.

> Zsolt also said he could provide a safedisc patch against the current cvs.

Zsolt, could you give us a status of your safedisc patch ?
does it work with all winver versions or is this one limited to nt40 ?
( most games do not run in nt40 mode )
is it safedisc 1.x only or safedisc 2.x as well.

anyway, any work on copyprotection is very very usefull for everbody.
so please impent everything you have.

Mark Hannessen

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