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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Nov 3 21:11:40 CST 2002

Here's the latest version of my WineHQ menu proposal. I tried to take
into account (at least some of) the comments I received on the previous

What's especially new is that you can see this one on the Web and that
should give everyone something more concrete to think about. Note of
course that it's just a draft so it comes with disclaimers:
 - I did not reorganize anything in the Web site so the links may not
take you were you expect. In particular they will systematically send
you to the 'old' site.
 - the presentation is a patchwork of stuff taken from WineHQ's bugzilla
and WineHQ's home page and about the only screenshot that we have. So
the look and feel is far from consistent. But I want you to imagine in
your mind that it all matches pretty well.

Now that you've read the disclaimer you can have a look at it:

And now, I'll add more comments:

 * Ok, first I should not have said 'on the home page the news should be
a link and no more'. That's not even really what I think. I still think
it's absolutely vital that the home page answer the question 'What is
Wine?'. But once that is answered, there is room left for the latest
news, a pointer to the latest WineHQ release, etc. See the above URL for
a possible (if maybe somewhat clumsy) layout.

 * The '7' item limit. I think it only applies to flat lists. The menu
structure I propose never has more than 7 items in a category and does
not have more than 7 categories. I will also note that the Application
Database has 14 items, and the Bugzilla page more than 40 and both are
perfectly usable. The Home Page (and most other pages) will only have 30
now and I think that fits pretty well.

 * I renamed 'Contributing' to 'Help Wanted' which hopefully is clearer.

 * 'Supported Applications'. That's too long: it gets split in two lines
so I shortened it to 'Applications'. We could also make our menus larger
or rename it to 'Application Support' (which would still require making
the menu a bit larger).

 * Manually maintained 'Supported Applications' list. I did not add
a menu entry for this. However, maybe this could be the home page of the
Application Database.

 * removed 'Miscellaneous'. Community and Related Projects become
sections of the Wine Introduction (f and h). The Legal item in
fact just contained the Wine license. I think it should be
visible somewhere so I renamed it to 'License', and it becomes item 7 of
'About Wine'. The Contacts item disappears from the menu and should now
be part of whatever standard footer we add to the pages.

Menu hierarchy

1. About Wine
   1.1. Introduction
        a. Intro
        b. Why Wine
        c. Myths
        d. Technology
        e. History
        f. Community
        g. Companies
        h. Related projects
   1.2. Screenshots
   1.3. Supported Applications
   1.4. Help Wanted
        a. Application maintainer
        b. Bug triage
        c. Website maintenance
        d. Development
   1.5. News
   1.6. Press
   1.7. License

2. Download
   2.1. Binaries
   2.2. Source

3. Support
   3.1. FAQ
   3.2. Howto
   3.3. Bug Tracking
   3.4. Troubleshooting
   3.5. Forums
        a. Mailing Lists
        b. Newsgroup
        c. IRC Channel

4. Documentation
   4.1. User Guide
   4.2. Developer Guide
   4.3. Packager Guide
   4.4. API Docs

5. Development
   5.1. CVS
        (instructions for using CVS, pointer to CVS Web)
   5.2. Developer Hints
   5.3. Submitting Patches
   5.4. TODO Lists
        - 0.9/1.0 TODOs
        - Tasklist/bug 395
        - FIXMEs/bug 455,
        - Tasklets/bug 406
        - most wanted bugs
   5.5. Status
   5.6. Resources
        a. LXR
        b. CVS Web
        c. Who's Who
        d. Tools
        e. Win32 Documentation, X doc, etc.

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