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Sun Nov 3 22:50:43 CST 2002

Mark Hannessen wrote:
>>When the patch was published, there was a discussion, and the conclusion was 
>>that the code is very probably legal, and is not against DMCA
>>Are you sure about the above statements? Have you checked that, or it is 
>>just your opinion?
> Carlos words regarding copy protection:
>>You aren't giving hints to decrypt some code, simply implementing the
>>win32 API, and sometimes implementing a PC architecture, it is far away
>>of decrypt code ;).

Laurent's copy protection patch, while impressive, does have a pretty serious
copyright-related issue, which has nothing to do with the DMCA.  The problem
is that his SafeDisc driver is - at least in parts - a direct translation of a
dissassembly.  Such translation means that technically it's a derivative
work, and thus would require the agreement of the original copyright owner
to redistribute.


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