Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Mon Nov 4 01:23:31 CST 2002

Gavriel State wrote:

> Mark Hannessen wrote:
>>> When the patch was published, there was a discussion, and the 
>>> conclusion was that the code is very probably legal, and is not 
>>> against DMCA
>>> Are you sure about the above statements? Have you checked that, or 
>>> it is just your opinion?
>> Carlos words regarding copy protection:
>>> You aren't giving hints to decrypt some code, simply implementing the
>>> win32 API, and sometimes implementing a PC architecture, it is far away
>>> of decrypt code ;).
> Laurent's copy protection patch, while impressive, does have a pretty 
> serious
> copyright-related issue, which has nothing to do with the DMCA.  The 
> problem
> is that his SafeDisc driver is - at least in parts - a direct 
> translation of a
> dissassembly.  Such translation means that technically it's a derivative
> work, and thus would require the agreement of the original copyright 
> owner
> to redistribute.
>  -Gav
A solvable problem, mind you. He needs to create an interface 
declaration of what the algorithms and interfaceses need to be, and have 
someone else implement based on that. That is called "Clean room" and 
has been agreed as non-deriviative work.


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