Igor Izyumin igor at
Mon Nov 4 09:11:52 CST 2002

On Monday 04 November 2002 09:36 am, Mark Hannessen wrote:
> greg turner wrote:
> > hmm.... that's too bad.  couldn't this problem be eliminated by creating
> > a safedisc "spec" from this patch, and doing a dirty-room/clean-room
> > number on it, by implementing that "spec" from scratch?  Dunno if it's
> > worth the effort... are a lot of people really in need of safedisc
> > support?
> I think a user should be able to just install wine, insert their favorite
> cd, run the setup and start playing.
> I bet that having a nice amount of games and progs that would work
> this way would increase the use of wine with a few hunderd percent.
> ( and in the end more people who will commit patches )
> but we will never reach this because we do not have copyprotection support.
> so yes !! i do think this is importent.

I think DirectX and other components needed to actually run the game are far 
more important than copy protection support.  Transgaming's winex has that 
support, and many subscribers still use no-cd cracks because they work 
better.  Getting actual games to run should be the biggest priority.  Copy 
protection support doesn't do much good when 90% of the games don't run 
anyway.  It also takes considerable resources away from other tasks, and will 
get outdated by the time wine actually starts running the games.
-- Igor

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