RFC: rpcss skeleton prototype #2

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Mon Nov 4 16:45:10 CST 2002

On 4 Nov 2002, Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> Greg Turner <gmturner007 at ameritech.net> writes:
> > Cool.  I assumed I wasn't allowed to -- I'd love to use them, I'll give
> > it a shot after work.  I presume, then, that I acheive this by just
> > pretending I'm a DLL, and following the same patterns that abound
> > elsewhere?
> Yes; the only difference is that in Winelib apps you need to prefix
> them with WINE_, so use WINE_TRACE instead of TRACE etc.

Also, winemaker users will have trouble because winemaker does not pass
the relevant option to winebuild and does not compile and link with the
needed xxx.dbg.c file.

Any volunteer for making the necessary (simple) changes to winemaker?

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