debugging a lockup in Planescape Torment

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Nov 5 13:29:17 CST 2002

> RFE:
> Actually I am not interested in debug msgs after the debugger started.
> Could there be an option that an debugger start turns off debug msgs.
set - all

> When the debugger starts I often get the msg
> wine: hash.c:392: DEBUG_GetSymbolValue: Assertion 'strlen(name) <
> sizeof(buffer) - 2' failed. which results in an unhandled exception in the
> debugger. Whats up with that?
fixed size for internal buffers... however a 512 characters identifier
seems a bit big to me (even in C++)
would you mind printing out the name of the symbol, just to check
I'll send a work around for that


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