debugging a lockup in Planescape Torment

Enrico Horn farmboy1 at
Wed Nov 6 16:57:59 CST 2002

On Tuesday 05 November 2002 20:29, Eric Pouech wrote:
> > RFE:
> > Actually I am not interested in debug msgs after the debugger started.
> > Could there be an option that an debugger start turns off debug msgs.
> set - all
the debugger is called on an unhandled exception
the debugger call in the AeDebug registry key has --debugmsg -all set
but after wine prints the unhandled exception line and calls the debugger 
there is still a lot of debug output after that

> > When the debugger starts I often get the msg
> > wine: hash.c:392: DEBUG_GetSymbolValue: Assertion 'strlen(name) <
> > sizeof(buffer) - 2' failed. which results in an unhandled exception in
> > the debugger. Whats up with that?
> fixed size for internal buffers... however a 512 characters identifier
> seems a bit big to me (even in C++)
> would you mind printing out the name of the symbol, just to check
> I'll send a work around for that
> A+
I tried the workaround cause it prints out the symbols name
but no symbol name was forthcoming. on the other hand the unhandled exception 
in the debugger is gone too so it wasnt all in vain.
in debugger window there is a lot of gibberish shown like
Unknown type '#'
Unknown type '&'
and a lot of very long
failure on blah blah blah
prints that span multiple that what you mean?

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