Mozilla 1.0.1 Win32 works almost flawlessly

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Nov 7 11:20:14 CST 2002

On November 7, 2002 11:40 am, Andreas Mohr wrote:

[Cc:ed to the list maybe people want to comment of it]

> Now how to solve the winelauncher wineboot launch problem ?
> This needs to be done on first launch only, and it needs to avoid race
> conditions.
> Maybe we could add the lockfile command (courtesy procmail) to Wine
> and implement it with that ?

I think we need a well defined notion of 'boot'

What about this: on server startup, we do this:

   if (wine_need_reboot())

The thing is:
  1. dead simple
  2. atomic, avoids races
  3. fast

Surely I may be missing something, but what's wrong with the above?
(mind you, I know nothing about the server, but still... :))


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