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Fri Nov 8 16:57:45 CST 2002

On 8 Nov 2002, Mike Hearn wrote:

> Here is my first attempt. I'm hardly an ace designer, so feel free to
> criticize, tell me to junk it etc.

Hmmm, probably to vertical. Here's a rough draft of an idea I had. Not
much better but it's just to spark discussion, give ideas, etc.

 * it's more horizontal
 * It just says 'Wine compatible'
 * I used the Wine glass as the 'i' in Wine
 * two colors kind of like the WineHQ logo

If someone wants to take this further (I won't not good enough with
graphics), then here's a todo list:
 * reduce the size. Should be the same size as the browser buttons
 * match the size of 'Wine' with that of the glass
 * needs a border all around, maybe some sort of bevel
 * maybe add a shadow to 'Wine', again, ala WineHQ Logo

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