Wine 0.8: VB compatibility !!

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Fri Nov 8 21:32:27 CST 2002

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002, Dan Kegel wrote:

> Andreas Mohr wrote:
> > I keep encountering people mentioning that VB stuff has
>  > lotsa problems on Wine.
> > While I really can't say that I like VB, a lot of people
>  > seem to use it for critical tasks in companies on a
>  > daily basis, so it sounds like perfect
> > VB compatibility would be utterly important.
> > IMHO improving that should be a goal of 0.8.
> Make sense.  How about this: let's add a visual basic
> regression test suite to Wine.
> I'm not kidding!  Ought to be pretty easy to hit at
> least the non-gui parts...

It's nice to make a Wine regression test suite in Visual Basic. But how
are you going to get the VB applications compiled on Linux?

It seems to me that this regression test suite will only be usable on
Windows and that one will have to copy the binaries to a Linux machine
to actually do any testing. In that case, wouldn't it be better to keep
it as a separate project (separate CVS, etc.) altogether?

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