Help support

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Nov 9 12:11:56 CST 2002

> I have this on my todo list. it would be possible to implement a wine
> specific message passing between WinHelp API and wine's builtin winhlp32
> however, it would be rather difficult to support all the ways windows
> handles this (it does it differently in Win9x, NT...), so support of
> native winhlp32 (and winhelp) will not be provided
question (at least) for Alexandre:
I have a working version of this, but passing 16 bit GlobalAllocated
blocks in a registered message
this is ugly because:
1/ it uses 16 bit block
2/ requires quite a few hacks in message sending (because of the
registered message)
the only interesting part is that this behavior is compatible with Win9x

so I'd rather re-implement it using DDE client/server (which will make
it completely incompatible with all native winhlp32.exe and winhelp.exe

so do you prefer:
1/ hacky 16 bit block, still Win9x compatible
2/ DDE implementation, but incompatible with any native winhlp32/winhelp


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