Wine 0.9 TODO v0.4

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Sat Nov 9 18:51:46 CST 2002

*Lots* of updates on this one:

Please note that the above URL is for the _released_ TODO
(note that the version appears in the URL). If you want
to follow the working version, you can do so at:

However, this version is constantly changing; it is relative
to the last _released_ version. This is important to keep in 
mind when looking at the bold items. For example, if you look 
at the working version right after a new version is released, 
nothing is going to be bold, as nothing has changed from the 
released version. To better understand the changes from
version to version, you should consult the released versions.

The TODO is included below as text, for your commenting convenience.

 A. WineHQ work
Beta available here

   1. Website redesign [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Jeremy Newman
          * status: backend is getting finalized
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
   2. Move the doc scripts out of documentation into the tools CVS module [TODO]
          * worker: Jeremy Newman
          * status: should remind Jeremy to do it :)
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
   3. Reorganize the navigational menu [DONE]
          * worker: Francois Gouget & al.
          * status: merged into new site
          * updated: Nov 5, 2002
   4. Create some really sexy screenshots [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Brian Vincent
          * status: please send screenshots to the above mentioned maintainer
          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
          * criteria: one app per screenshot, avoid cluttered desktop
   5. Rework the FAQ interface [IN PROGRESS]
          * workers: Dimitrie O. Paun, Keith Matthews, Thomas Wickline
          * status: released for public review here
          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
   6. Enlist some 'official' distribution maintainers [DONE]
          * RedHat: Vincent Béron
          * SUSE: Marcus Meissner
          * Mandrake: Kye Lewis
          * Debian: Ove Kaaven
          * FreeBSD: Gerald Pfeifer
          * status: completed
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
   7. Create nice page with apps that run virtually flawless [IN PROGRESS]
          * workers: Carlos Lozano, Dustin Navea
          * status: 20%
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
          * criteria: not MS dlls required, no tricks, etc.

B. Documentation work

   1. We need to first figure what is out of date. [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Dustin Navea
          * status: just started, help needed
          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
   2. Fix documentation build process [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Tony Lambregts
          * status: just started
          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
   3. Move CVS docu from User Guide to Devel Guide [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Bill Medland
          * status: just started
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
   4. Merge documentation/wine.texinfo into the Development Guide [TODO]
   5. Merge documentation/HOWTO-winelib into the Development Guide [TODO]
   6. Do something about documentation/installation-und-konfiguration.german [TODO]
   7. Do something about documentation/shell32 [TODO]
   8. Do something about documentation/status [TODO] 

C. Wine configuration

   1. Merge configuration into the registry [TODO]
   2. Write control panel applets for editing it [TODO]
   3. Have decent defaults so we can start control panel without prior configuration [TODO]
   4. Have wizard like app to autoconfigure wine [TODO]
          * proposal: WineSetupTk by Jeremy White
   5. Make Wine's DLLs register themselves to avoid manual merging of the winedefault.reg [TODO]
   6. Write wine.inf script to setup a new Wine installation [TODO]
   7. Have a wineboot script for RunOnce stuff [IN PROGRESS]
          * workers: Andreas Mohr, Shachar Shemesh
          * status: 50%
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002

D. Stabilize utilities

   1. Get rid of the init directive from .spec files [DONE]
          * worker: Alexandre Julliard
          * status: implemented by this
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
   2. Make sure the .spec file format is fairly stable [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Alexandre Julliard
          * status: Yes, I'll do that.
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
          * what: can we get rid of the rsrc directive?
   3. Ensure the various utilities' options are stable [IN PROGRESS]
          * status: Alexandre fixed winebuild options
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
          * what: audit the other utilites
   4. Get rid of the Perl testing framework [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Dimitrie O. Paun
          * status: submitted patch for review
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002

E. Important fixes

   1. Window management rewrite, so we can install apps in managed mode. [TODO]
          * worker: Alexandre Julliard
          * status: not started
   2. Finish DLL separation Phase 1 [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: ?
          * status: ntdll, and kernel not done
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
          * criteria: DLLs should use only functions exported through .spec file.
   3. Detect printing system at runtime [TODO]
          * worker: Huw Davies
          * status: Yup, I'm going to do this in the near future.
          * updated: Nov 7, 2002
   4. Detect OpenGL system at runtime [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Lionel Ulmer
          * status: Patch submitted for review.
          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
   5. Start builtin WinHelp when invoked from apps [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: Eric Pouech
          * status: I have a working version of this
          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
   6. Add macro support to the builin WinHelp [TODO]
          * worker: Eric Pouech
          * status: I have this on my todo list
          * updated: Nov 8, 2002
   7. Add CHM support to builtin WinHelp [IN PROGRESS]
          * worker: ?
          * status: Cabextract donated to Wine
          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
   8. Good support for VisualBasic apps [TODO]
          * worker: ?
          * status: ?
          * updated: Nov 9, 2002
          * tests: submitted by Roderick Colenbrander


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