rpcss skeleton - fork and shell32

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 9 20:33:38 CST 2002

>+void RPCSS_Spork()
>+  /* Because we are a wine app, we can't fork.  This is
>+     a trick to invoke ourselves, so we can provide a
>+     similar effect of creating a "background" process */

I was wondering about this but have been busy with other things. In 
shelllink.c we call fork and waitpid for shell32. Shouldnt
this code be removed and reimplemented like in rpcss? When I am trying 
to build shell32 under windows I still get this

shelllink.o(.text+0x4161):shelllink.c: undefined reference to `fork'
shelllink.o(.text+0x43fa):shelllink.c: undefined reference to `waitpid'

Can someone give a example of how to work around waitpid and maybe I can 
adapt Gregs Spork code.

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