rpcss skeleton - fork and shell32

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Sat Nov 9 21:38:26 CST 2002

On Saturday 09 November 2002 08:33 pm, Steven Edwards wrote:
> >+void RPCSS_Spork()
> >+{
> >+  /* Because we are a wine app, we can't fork.  This is
> >+     a trick to invoke ourselves, so we can provide a
> >+     similar effect of creating a "background" process */
> I was wondering about this but have been busy with other things. In
> shelllink.c we call fork and waitpid for shell32. Shouldnt
> this code be removed and reimplemented like in rpcss? When I am
> trying to build shell32 under windows I still get this
> shelllink.o(.text+0x4161):shelllink.c: undefined reference to `fork'
> shelllink.o(.text+0x43fa):shelllink.c: undefined reference to
> `waitpid'
> Can someone give a example of how to work around waitpid and maybe I
> can adapt Gregs Spork code.
> Thanks
> Steven

I think what you are looking for is here:


beware, however, that the "Spork" function and fork() are more-or-less 
completely different.  That spork code is just a cheap-and-dirty way to 
invoke yourself.  This means that:

  o spork only returns once
  o the child process doesn't inherit state from the parent process
  o it will only work for processes for which you control the source;
    dll's can't do it this way.

I think, long ago, I saw seen some clever folks attempt to implement 
fork() like behavior for windows; if you need the "real deal," you 
might be able to find this with some googling, or maybe cygwin has 
ideas you could borrow.


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