int21 move a0-a7

György 'Nog' Jeney nog at
Sun Nov 10 12:59:22 CST 2002

> Patch a1 is wrong and must not be applied.
> Function 0x0c is really a recursive call and
> cannot be handled this way. Simple fix would be to call
> DOSVM_Int21Handler from function 0x0c handler after
> AH register has been modified (and lets add a detailed
> comment here this time so everybody understands what 0x0c
> really does...).
> Call me blind, but I fail to see how DOSCONF_config
> gets initialized after patch a2.

Ill resubmit my series of patches tommorrow, with these things fixed.

> This set of patches break DOS3Call and calling INT21
> using VXDs and DeviceIoControl. I have no idea
> how much these interfaces are used but I guess this will be
> fixed in a future patch?

Yes, I plan to fix this after I have finished to move the int21 stuff to


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