resend update to sgml documentation

Vincent Béron vberon at
Sun Nov 10 20:11:45 CST 2002

Le dim 10/11/2002 à 21:00, Tony Lambregts a écrit :
> So if I understand you correctly there is no way to build just the User Guide html

Yes it's possible. make wine-user/index.html. It's not a "named" target,
it's just the name of the file.

> I can build all the html
> make allhtml  --> All the guides in html + wine-doc.html
> or user guide in all formats
> make wine-user --> User guide in html, pdf and ps
> I am sad about that. Could you explain why "make wine-user.html" has to make only the index and not the rest. or am I just being thick?

Of course it creates all the needed files in the directory. But the one
which "make" will check to see if it needs to be rebuilt is index.html
(along with all the source files needed for that target).

So you can build any of the 15 files (let's say the html are only one
file for the sake of the argument) independantly by specifying their
name. Or, there are a couple shorthands if you want to build more than


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