DIB engine

David Hammerton david at transgaming.com
Wed Nov 13 13:46:32 CST 2002

Hey Alexandre,

> Note that simply merging the existing code is not enough, you'll need
> to fix the architecture. IMO it needs to be based on the DC driver
> interface, but this will also require some changes to that interface.

I presume with this you mean the way we hooked the dibengine into the x11drv?

What we did (it's been a while, but if my memory serves) is modify x11drv's 
/graphics/x11drv/graphics.c so that the gdi calls were routed to the 
dibengine if the dibsection (or whatever) it's rendering to is in appmod. 
There is a very good reason for this:

If we just always used the dibengine no matter what, we would sometimes 'lose' 
on the whole coerce thing - what if the dibsection (or whatever) is in 
gdimod, we'd then have to do a whole copy of it back to sync things up, which 
is just silly when we could use x11's renderer (the image is already over 



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