Filesystem change notifications

Ian Pilcher pilchman at
Thu Nov 14 04:34:55 CST 2002

Ender wrote:

> It all depends which platforms you want to support in this patch, as far
> as it goes. FAM has support for a lot of different systems, but there's no
> need to really add it as a dependency IMHO. Adding support for the
> platforms we wish to support would be simpler.

Ideally, it should support all of the platforms that Wine supports.

> I think the best reference would be to use F_NOTIFY under Linux. This
> makes writing FindFirstChangeNotification a maybe 20 minute job. The
> simplest example I can think of is from Samba:

I think that you're underestimating the differences between the Linux
and Win32 APIs.  Mapping from one to the other will present some
significant challenges, some of which may have no good solution.

Upon further review, I'm thinking that a polling implementation may be
the way to go.  It has the virtue of being both secure and portable, and
platform-specific extensions can always be added later.  (In fact, a
Linux F_NOTIFY-based implementation would have to have a lot in common
with a polling implementation anyway.)

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