Filesystem change notifications

Ender winedev at
Thu Nov 14 03:41:31 CST 2002

It all depends which platforms you want to support in this patch, as far
as it goes. FAM has support for a lot of different systems, but there's no
need to really add it as a dependency IMHO. Adding support for the
platforms we wish to support would be simpler.

I think the best reference would be to use F_NOTIFY under Linux. This
makes writing FindFirstChangeNotification a maybe 20 minute job. The
simplest example I can think of is from Samba:

It's GPLed, so only use it as an example, don't copy code from it :)

Other platforms have other methods (eg, FreeBSD you can use
kqueue/kevent).. so yes, it all depends how much compatability you want.
On other platforms you can always resort to polling, but this is quite
horrible. I think NetBSD has a kqueue/kevent method, but IIRC it's broken.

 - Ender

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