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Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Thu Nov 14 15:53:07 CST 2002

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>On November 10, 2002 11:25 pm, Vincent Béron wrote:
>>Dimitrie, the actual HTML code is rather ugly in it's source
>>presentation, so don't hand-edit it :P Anyway, it's not meant to be
>>hand-edited, that's what sgml and docbook are for. The layout is exactly
>>what you already have, although with some small modifications to the
>>layout the dsl file can be alot simpler.
>Good stuff. Looked over it, looks good. I don't particularly like
>breaking the faq into different files, but that's minor.
I have attached the sgml so that the faq is all in one file. One file or 
100 files makes no real diference...  So If you prefer only 1(big) file 
then I can do it this way.

>The problem is of course that the .dsl files looks very...complicated :)
>It raises the bar quite a bit as compared to the HTML markup, but if
>people are so hot about SGML, so be it.

The thing that is nice about sgml is that you can get html, ps and pdf 
out of it that what makes it hot. If Vincent can work out a (pretty) dsl 
file that will run on my system we should be in good shape. We already 
have faq-plain.dsl that works good but does not have the prettys.

>>Tony, you can begin the transition if Dimitrie likes it (and when you
>>have the time to).
I am working on it now...  Status 3%. It should be ready by the end of 
next week, sooner if I get some real time to work on it.

>I say we do this:
>  1. incorporate whatever changes people see necessary in the next few days
>  2. push the current HTML FAQ to WineHQ
>  3. start the HTML->SGML conversion

I have not seen to many changes or requests for changes so I am just 
working off your url. <grin>

>With these in mind:
>  -- if you have suggestions, complaints, etc. please voice them now
>  -- Jeremy, when can we get the FAQ on the site?
Once Vincent has worked out the  dsl file we should have it as a target 
in the makefile. Vincent are you game for this?


Tony Lambregts

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