Quick question about ANSI and Unicode

Dustin Navea speeddymon at ev1.net
Fri Nov 15 08:42:07 CST 2002

Ok, as you may have noticed Dimi sent a couple of patches that were supposed to fix Treeview Notifies a couple of weeks back.  They didnt exactly work, but its not that the code he submitted didnt help.  Basically when running the StarCraft installer in wine, it attempts to display the treeview-based directory listing in unicode which isnt supported by that installer, and so it ends up not showing anything.  I was wondering if anyone thinks that the fact that my TextCP=0 in the wine config file has anything to do with it.  I'm thinking that if I set it to TextCP=1252 or TextCP=437 then it will work as expected, but I have no way of testing this until tonight, as I'm not on a Linux box right now, being at work and all.  Just thought I would check with everyone and see what they thought.

Comments appreciated.

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