Quick question about ANSI and Unicode

Dustin Navea speeddymon at ev1.net
Fri Nov 15 10:37:56 CST 2002

I fixed it, dang outlook defaults.

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Subject: Re: Quick question about ANSI and Unicode

> Dustin Navea wrote:
> > Ok, as you may have noticed Dimi sent a couple of patches that were 
> > supposed to fix Treeview Notifies a couple of weeks back.  They didnt 
> > exactly work, but its not that the code he submitted didnt help.  
> > Basically when running the StarCraft installer in wine, it attempts to 
> > display the treeview-based directory listing in unicode which isnt 
> > supported by that installer, and so it ends up not showing anything.  
> > I was wondering if anyone thinks that the fact that my TextCP=0 in the 
> > wine config file has anything to do with it.  I'm thinking that if I 
> > set it to TextCP=1252 or TextCP=437 then it will work as expected, but 
> > I have no way of testing this until tonight, as I'm not on a Linux box 
> > right now, being at work and all.  Just thought I would check with 
> > everyone and see what they thought.
> >  
> > Comments appreciated.
> >  
> I am sorry I can't help with the codepage thing.  However, I am sure 
> that you didn't mean to, but you sent this in html format, and you know 
> this list is text only...  Do you need some help with setting up outlook 
> to send text only?
> -- 
> Tony Lambregts

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