Wine without any X11 environment

David Fraser davidf at
Fri Nov 15 07:30:16 CST 2002

Michael Riedel wrote:

> Hello,
> is it possible to use wine in a telnet session to start a (command 
> line) windows application? I get the error that x11drv can't connect 
> to  a display (which is correct). I'm also not very sure that the 
> windows program itself does not perform some graphic related queries 
> (there were some fixme messages when I tried to use 'ttydrv').
> Any ideas? Is there any workaround to use a dummy display or whatever?
> Thanks,
> Michael


I just tested running some command line apps using wine from an ssh 
connection without
X11 and they worked fine... but some report the error you said (e.g. 
python.exe). Not sure what the difference is.
There is an alternate graphics driver called "ttydrv" (instead of 
"x11drv") which you can
use to run command line programs. This is configured in the 
~/.wine/config file - change
GraphicsDriver from "x11drv" to "ttydrv". You might want to give this a 
go, although
it just seems to produce errors for me :-).
What program are you trying to run?


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