Wine without any X11 environment

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Fri Nov 15 10:44:59 CST 2002

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> Michael Riedel wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > is it possible to use wine in a telnet session to start a (command 
> > line) windows application? I get the error that x11drv can't connect 
> > to  a display (which is correct). I'm also not very sure that the 
> > windows program itself does not perform some graphic related queries 
> > (there were some fixme messages when I tried to use 'ttydrv').
> > Any ideas? Is there any workaround to use a dummy display or whatever?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Michael
> Hi
> I just tested running some command line apps using wine from an ssh 
> connection without
> X11 and they worked fine... but some report the error you said (e.g. 
> python.exe). Not sure what the difference is.
> There is an alternate graphics driver called "ttydrv" (instead of 
> "x11drv") which you can
> use to run command line programs. This is configured in the 
> ~/.wine/config file - change
> GraphicsDriver from "x11drv" to "ttydrv". You might want to give this a 
> go, although
> it just seems to produce errors for me :-).
> What program are you trying to run?
> David

I think he did try using ttydrv, as he says in his original email:

> > (there were some fixme messages when I tried to use 'ttydrv').

So I dunno.


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