Problem running Anstoss2 under Wine

Adrian Bunk bunk at
Sun Nov 17 04:53:29 CST 2002

I'm trying to run Anstoss2 (a five years old German soccer simulation -
I'm only interested in the strategic part of the game) under Wine. I
tried the Debian package of the 20021031 Release and a self-compiled
package of a 20021116 CVS snapshot. The following messages occur during
the start of the game:

<--  snip  -->

$ wine anstoss2.exe 
fixme:file:DEVICE_Open Unknown/unsupported VxD SICE. Try setting Windows
version to 'nt40' or 'win31'.
fixme:file:DEVICE_Open Unknown/unsupported VxD NTICE. Try setting
Windows version to 'nt40' or 'win31'.
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x400f10bc
"../../loader/module.c: loader_section" wait timed out, retrying (60
sec) tid=081b1ce0
err:msg:DispatchMessageW BeginPaint not called on WM_PAINT for hwnd
err:msg:DispatchMessageA BeginPaint not called on WM_PAINT for hwnd
err:msg:DispatchMessageA BeginPaint not called on WM_PAINT for hwnd
fixme:ddraw:DIB_DirectDrawSurface_Blt dwFlags DDBLT_WAIT and/or
DDBLT_ASYNC: can't handle right now.

<--  snip  -->

The "DEVICE_Open" messages might be related to the copy protection (?).

At the beginning I see a small "Cannot open file" window [1] that seems
to be non-fatal.

The screenshot at [2] shows the main problem I observe:
Something with the left-right justification of elements doesn't work.

There are three checkbuttons and the one besides "Neues Spiel beginnen"
is selected and that's the place where you can select it - but the
background black circles that should indicate where you are able to
click are 2cm left and a bit ahead of the correct location.

The smiling ball at the right bottom is the place to click when you are
finished with this page - but it's outside the rest, the thing that is
painted in the two light blue colors (e.g. the "ADY" at the left bottom)
is the background picture of my window manager.

If there's any other information that might help simply ask.




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