Wine with .NET?

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Sun Nov 17 13:17:03 CST 2002

The wine project doesn't have to do anything to support .NET. The mono project 
is doing what wine has to do :)
They are even implementing Windows.Forms (the new gui toolkit for .NET) using 
winelib and other things. Mono will be able to use all winelib dlls (and 
native windows dlls using wine too ..), so nothing to worry about. :)

On Sunday 17 November 2002 20:11, Greg Turner wrote:
> On Sunday 17 November 2002 12:21 pm, Mark Hannessen wrote:
> > > Ladies and Gentlemen,
> > >
> > > I am a Microsoft developer and currently pushing the capabilities
> > > of the .NET Framework.  On that same note, I am considering moving
> > > my laptop to some version of Linux (either Solaris v8.0 or Red
> Sorry to be pedantic, but Solaris is not Linux.  They both belong to the
> same branch of the Unix family tree (SVR4), but they are distant
> cousins, at best (sufficiently distant to have children together :) )
> Wine supports both platforms, if I understand the current state of
> affairs correctly.  You will probably need gcc to make wine work on
> Solaris -- I doubt Sun cc is going to cut it (I could be wrong).
> > > Hat).  I assumed that I would need to use VMWare or some equivalent
> > > to continue using Visual Studio .NET.  Can anyone give me some
> > > advice?
> I'm glad to hear that you prefer wine to VMWare: this is the correct
> order of preference :)  Unfortunately, VMWare may be your best bet at
> this time, if you plan to achieve productivity on VS.NET under linux
> anytime soon (see below).
> > > Many thanx,
> > > Fred Lackey
> > > Orlando, Florida
> >
> > have you already tryd wine to run visual studio .NET ?
> > in theory it is possible but i don't think anyone has ever tryd.
> > ( and it will likely not work yet, feel free to send patches )
> I would not expect much .NET stuff to work on wine.  We do not have an
> MSIL interpreter, and our loader doesn't support the new .NET
> executable conventions (whatever they are -- I don't know, but I am
> told that there are some).  We also lack any implementation of the CLR,
> and I'm not sure we even have IE6 working yet (?).
> Assuming, as many are, that .NET will actually catch on, wine will
> probably start to worry about this stuff sooner or later.  But, so far,
> we seem to have our hands full just trying to catch up with the Windows
> "DNA" platform.
> Of course, as Mark suggests, if you want to help enhance wine to provide
> .NET support, you may.  I just took a peek at their site: the Mono
> libraries are LGPL-licensed, and the Mono class libraries are
> MIT/X11-licensed, so from a licensing perspective, utilizing Mono to
> achieve .NET Framework capabilities under wine seems quite viable.
> .exe's you build under VC++.NET as native executables will probably work
> under wine (I have seen examples of this).
> > if you want to port visual studio .NET to linux using wine you
> > should use winemaker.
> Somehow, I am inclined to presume that there is a misunderstanding
> between yourself and Mark regarding what you mean by "Microsoft
> developer"?

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