Wine with .NET?

David Fraser davidf at
Sun Nov 17 23:59:14 CST 2002

Fredrick P. Lackey wrote:

>Where I am at the moment is a crossroads.  I own a company focused on
>rapid development on a Microsoft platform (essentially, we build
>components to simplify complex tasks for developers working on a M$
>system).  Unfortunately, I'm getting pretty sick of the OS and M$ as a
>whole.  Their systems are becoming increasingly bloated and complex, yet
>the benefit they provide hasn't changed much in many years.
>Unfortunately, again, Microsoft technologies pay the bills.
>So, in short, I would like to be able to create a development
>environment that would allow me to produce applications on a Linux
>platform using the skills that I already have (or with as little of a
>learning curve as possible) while still being able to maintain and
>develop code geared towards a Microsoft platform.  Additionally, I would
>really like to NOT spend a butt load of money purchasing additional
>software for my new Linux box since most of my decisions will be based
>out of pure ignorance.  Not that I want something for nothing, but I
>would like to be able to make knowledgeable decisions before I do invest
>any real money.
Sorry not to answer your main questions, but some ideas on this ...
We use gcc, wxWindows and mingw. Not sure how much you _need_ .NET
but we migrated our (fairly complex) app from Visual C++/MFC to wxWindows
and it was definitely worth it. Also we can use gcc to cross-compile 
from Linux
for Windows, so basically although our software is currently used 
on Windows, I can develop it all on Linux (obviously some testing to
be done on Windows as well, but basically it works). And it's all free, 
software. I'd recommend checking it out.


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