wine commandline options

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Mon Nov 18 11:31:46 CST 2002

>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Romero <rick at> writes:

    Rick> I was playing with Pegasus Mail (silver list) to see what I could
    Rick> get working.  It looks like it doesn't detect winsock.dll using
    Rick> it's own 'search algorythm, so the TCP/IP options don't get
    Rick> enabled - hence the (paraphrased) 'wtf?' in the silver list
    Rick> description.

    Rick> So, I tried to force Pegasus Mail to load winsock explicitly using
    Rick> the -Z 128 option: $wine winpm-32 -Z 128 but wine comes back with
    Rick> 'Unknown option -Z'.

    Rick> I'm not quite sure how these are getting parsed, but I see in
Options for the win-programm should be givven after a blank "--"


$wine -- winpm-32 -Z 128
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