Configure question

David Fraser davidf at
Tue Nov 19 08:57:44 CST 2002

Martin Wilck wrote:

>I am thinking about some netapi32 improvements where I'd need to call 
>the functions of the getpw/getgr family: getpwnam(), getpwent(),
>getgrent(), etc.
>Configure checks for the "pwd.h" header and getpwuid(). Must I add more
>checks for all the functions I use, or is it ok to assume that
>getpwuid() presence implies getpwnam() presence?
Maybe you should at least check for "grp.h" and getgrent etc in a 
separate check,
since they are in a separate header file ... although "pwd.h" might 
imply the
existence of "grp.h", it could make errors if it didn't harder to work 
out if there
wasn't a separate configure check.


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