Seperating winelibs from main wine

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Thu Nov 21 08:51:33 CST 2002

Steven Edwards wrote:

>The problem we have with people making and shipping winelib apps at this point is that with every
>release of WINE untill 1.x we will have breakages.
If winelib contains what I think it contains, I don't see why that 
should happen. Are you sure about that point?

After all, a winelib app is a linux/unix app that is dynamically linked 
(by name, I'm sure) with winelib dlls that are, today, part of wine. 
Both the functions linked and their parameters are defined by MS and 
MSDN, and will not change, ever. Bugs may be solved, but as the 
application was originally designed to work with MS's implemnetation, 
and as a bug is defined to be "incompatible with MS's implementation", I 
don't think it possible for a winelib app to rely on a wine bug for 
functionality. I therefor don't see how a breakage can happen unless we 
have regression in wine. As such, breakegaes should be very rare, not 
often. 1.0 or not.

Am I missing something here?

> If you want to help people that produce OSS
>windows applications support WINElib then for now, at least untill 1.0 we can only support
>building winelib apps and not binary winelib applications.
That point is 100% understood assuming I accept your previous statement 
(which I don't). Reply only if you think this statement holds true even 
if your previous one doesn't.


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