Seperating winelibs from main wine

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu Nov 21 08:14:06 CST 2002

> >>A couple of questions - if a program uses Winelib, is it all statically
> >>linked or do you still need a wine installation for it to work.
> >>    
> >>
> >winelib apps need wine dll functions and are not static compiled.
> >so wine is needed to run wine apps
> >
> I started writing this mail, and during writing realized that I'm not 
> sure what I was about to suggest made any sense. This is a question to 
> the forum, then.

The problem we have with people making and shipping winelib apps at this point is that with every
release of WINE untill 1.x we will have breakages. If you want to help people that produce OSS
windows applications support WINElib then for now, at least untill 1.0 we can only support
building winelib apps and not binary winelib applications.


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