RFC: console & curses

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Thu Nov 21 12:55:08 CST 2002

>   1. If I start a command-line app in a terminal, I want
>      the app to make use of the terminal, not NOT start a
>      new one. Unix apps behave like this (eg. Midnight Commander)
>      and command-line Wine apps should not behave any differently.
that's the 2 => B case (or more exactly, that'll be 2 => B)
except if the windows app tries to spawn a child which will require a
new console. MC (at least the DOS version I remember) is able to switch
from child to parent screen
we won't do that (in that case a wineconsole/USER will be opened for the

>   2. I want to be able to redirect stdin/stdout for command-line
>      apps like on any regular Unix app

>   3. I want to be able to use Wine command-line apps without X
ok (see thread with D Kegel who screams for this)

>   4. I would love to be able to choose the terminal that's started.
>      That is, instead of having wineconsole pop up, wouldn't it
>      be cool if konsole/gnome-terminal/rxvt/xterm/etc would be
>      fired up depending on desktop-environment/user preference?
this would rather we choosen by the user with
xterm -e 'wine foo.exe bar' or
rxvt -e 'wine foo.exe bar' or


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