Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Nov 21 15:49:10 CST 2002


Another problem developing Winelibs app while using your
Wine tree. Say you have the following:
  -- a Winelib app you're working on
  -- a Wine tree you're working on
  -- you compile wine out-of-tree

Now, say you build your OK, and you now want
to create a symlink myapp -> winewrapper so you can start
your Winelib app. Problem is that winewrapper resides in
the source tree, and there is no way for it to figure out
where the build tree is, and it needs that.

Possible solution:
  -- have winewrapper somehow in the Wine build tree.
	One way to do that is to rename winewrapper to, and generate winewrapper at
	build time
  -- link to the winewrapper in the build tree
  -- modify winewrapper slightly so that it looks
	where is resides, and if it's in the wine tree,
	is should try to use that to run the app.
Alexandre, what do you say?


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