Minor AIM bug

Dustin Navea Speeddymon at ev1.net
Thu Nov 21 15:17:06 CST 2002

Hey now that I got AIM running, (have to copy from a windows install and
force wine to use that winver) I noticed 2 small bugs..  Both are
related to comctl32 AFAICT...

1) When going to sign on, the controls think that the left mouse button
is pushed always, and so when you move the mouse over the screen name it
selects it, that is more of a feature IMO, as it makes it easier to
switch screen names

2) When resizing the chat windows, there is a significant amount of lag
moving the controls, like you resize the window, but the controls all
move a lot slower than the window does, hard to describe but if anyone
wants a screenshot I can post one somewhere...


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