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Thu Nov 21 18:07:12 CST 2002

"Dimitrie O. Paun" <dpaun at> writes:

> If Wine was a mature, stable project, I'd agree with you. But it's not.
> The ability to make a small change in Wine, go back to the Winelib app,
> and test it, is invaluable. I would have simply given up debugging PuTTY
> f I had to go through a wine install for every little test and experiment
> I was making.

Sure, but as Wine developer it's easy for you to write a small wrapper
script to run from inside the source tree. That doesn't mean we should
encourage it or make that the default behavior. I think it's perfectly
standard to expect that you need to install a library before building
an app that uses it, all other libraries behave that way. And we are
not going to stabilize our environment if nobody ever uses it the way
it's intended to be used.

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