Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Fri Nov 22 00:37:50 CST 2002

Brian Vincent wrote:

>I've been meaning to put something together for a few days here..
>>shots to Brian isn't the best way to go about it as nobody knows who has
>>sent what. Have you actually got any yet Brian?
>First, take a look at:

>The following would be nice to see:
>any game
This Game has only two minor bugs that keep it from being "Platinum" The 
first is that it needs to be run from its own directory (is that really 
a bug?) and the other is there is a screen for parents which is not 
accessable. Yes I (just) filed a bug report about it.

I don't know if this is really sexy but I like the results.

All my other games have more serious bugs but I thought this one might 
qualify for Gold especially if The keyboard thing was cleared up.

If you are interested these are a list of other games and their problems.

Other games:

Riven - Major screen corruption, Menu doesn't work.
Myst - Hell I havent played it for so long I don't realy know whats 
wrong with it
SimCity - Intro screen does not play, formatting of numbers wrong and 
lockup if you save while exiting (yes the linux verion works fine.)

Other Kids games

Curious George - medium screen coruption & some sound problems
An American Tail - sound locks up after movies (PITA}
Operation - Major screen corruption.
Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective - Won't start (just bought it)

Some of these have bug reports but I guess I still have some bug 
reporting to do...


Tony Lambregts

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