Debugging mouse messages

Fabian Cenedese Cenedese at
Fri Nov 22 06:22:31 CST 2002

>I can't figure out why I am getting this:
>trace:msg:MSG_peek_message got type 5 msg 113 hwnd 0 wp 8 lp 41380d58
>trace:cursor:X11DRV_GetCursorPos pointer at (661,442)
>trace:msg:MSG_peek_message got type 5 msg 2a1 hwnd 10042 wp 0 lp 0
>trace:msg:GetKeyState key (0x12) -> 0
>trace:msg:WINPROC_CallProc32ATo32W func 0x413e9024
>over and over again when the mouse is not moving. It appears that IE
>(the constant polling for the cursor position occurs when showing a 404
>screen too) has different mouse behaviour to other apps, for instance in
>WebFerret the X11DRIV_GetCursorPos function is only called when the
>mouse actually moves. In IE, it's called seemingly on a timer (i'd guess
>every .25 or .5 seconds) even when the cursor is over a toolbar (though
>not the address bar oddly).

If you look with Spy++ in Windows do you get the same? If not it's not
IE itself but the combined behaviour of IE and Wine, each one retriggering
somehow the other because of a different message behaviour. I also had to
change my app as wine handled and sent some messages differently
(different order of messages, different count...) which got me into a recursion
that didn't happen on Windows. Of course I should have fixed wine. But as
I'm not a message guru (and no one could help me) I had to change my app.

bye  Fabi

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