Debugging mouse messages

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Fri Nov 22 05:33:44 CST 2002


After setting up my dual crossover/winehq (last tarball release)
installation, I tried doing some traces on IE with the adobe svg plugin.
I can't figure out why I am getting this:

trace:msg:MSG_peek_message got type 5 msg 113 hwnd 0 wp 8 lp 41380d58
trace:cursor:X11DRV_GetCursorPos pointer at (661,442)
trace:msg:MSG_peek_message got type 5 msg 2a1 hwnd 10042 wp 0 lp 0
trace:msg:GetKeyState key (0x12) -> 0
trace:msg:WINPROC_CallProc32ATo32W func 0x413e9024

over and over again when the mouse is not moving. It appears that IE
(the constant polling for the cursor position occurs when showing a 404
screen too) has different mouse behaviour to other apps, for instance in
WebFerret the X11DRIV_GetCursorPos function is only called when the
mouse actually moves. In IE, it's called seemingly on a timer (i'd guess
every .25 or .5 seconds) even when the cursor is over a toolbar (though
not the address bar oddly).

I'm also confused by the reference to WINPROC_CallProc32ATo32W, is this
normal? Google says it's used as part of 32bit<->16bit thunking, but
there is no 16bit code here as far as I'm aware.

Any ideas?
thanks -mike

Mike Hearn <m.hearn at>

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