dosconf move

György 'Nog' Jeney nog at
Fri Nov 22 23:30:47 CST 2002

> "György 'Nog' Jeney" <nog at> writes:
>> Is there any reason why this patch has not been applied?  This is
>> essentially the same as my dosconf try 3 patch but for your
>> convinience I made a new diff against the current cvs.
> It's really ugly to export the DOSCONF structure as part of the DOS
> module interface. I think it's better to wait until that stuff can be
> moved without having to export it.

This uglyness doesnt haveto stay around for to long as this patch was to
split up my patches a bit for my int21 move for which I have posted a patch
already.  Is there any reason why THAT one has not been applied?

BTW Im very sorry for sending 3 e-mails but my squirelmail/internet
connection just doesnt work well.  I have to push the stop button on my
browser to stop sending the mail over and over again.  This time I got the
timeing wrong as I was having a Voip conversation at the same time.

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