Orlando, anyone?

Fredrick P. Lackey fred.lackey at marbellasoftware.com
Mon Nov 25 10:48:05 CST 2002

Hey, everyone!  It's the annoying Microsoft guy again.  ;-)

Well, I've started to make the move.  Now, 1/2 of my laptop is Red Hat.
Whoo hoo!  Man, I love Linux!  =)

I am having some problems, and was wondering if anyone in your list knew
anyone in or near Orlando. heck, in Florida would be close enough.  I'd
like to see about hooking up on the phone or in person and trying to get
the few issues I'm having worked out.  I know that may seem a bit odd,
but I'm really pumped to get M$ outta the picture.

Fred Lackey
Orlando, Florida
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