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Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Tue Nov 26 03:18:54 CST 2002

Am Mon, 2002-11-25 um 22.56 schrieb Dimitrie O. Paun:

> Good point. But the page is not intended to justify the existance
> of Winelib, but why we should make more use of it. Maybe I should
> add something about "Why have a Winelib app in the first place?"...

There are some applications where you simply have no chance of just
runnning the native Windows app on Wine. 

Winelib can be a solution for porting such software to Linux by only
rewriting those parts that need to be rewritten, replacing NT with Unix
functionality. This is much easier than doing a native port; most of the
application's code can be left untouched.

IMO this is the "real world" reason for doing Winelib development - you
can *combine* Windows and Unix code. OTOH Putty and Mozilla are apps
that I'd expect to be able to run natively.

The reasons for Winelib work you give on your page are ok but sort of
self-referential: They only make sense to people who have already
accepted as a fact that Winelib is a good thing.


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