Winelib Apps page

Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Wed Nov 27 13:17:17 CST 2002


  I like the idea of color-coding the apps for their status.
But if you are going to change the background, you need to
change the foreground as well.  Many browsers make links
blue or red (and other colors for 'active' and 'visited'
links) by default.  In some cases, these clash with the
background (blue on red).  In others there is not enough
contrast (blue on grey).
  Please find colors that work well and integrate that info
into your stylesheet.  My vote is for black for all.  For
example (please note that this is untested, so I may have
indicated the wrong attribute for this case):

  .todo {background-color: red; color: black}

-- Jeff S

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