[RFC] Wine headers

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at rogers.com
Thu Nov 28 19:07:17 CST 2002


Patrik brought up the header location sometime ago, in this thread:

At the time, I thought it is a bit premature, that we have other
things to do. Now I realize that this is one of those highly visible
external things, that would be a _lot_ better to fix before people
start using Winelib. Otherwise will piss people off when we change,
or we will not change because people are already using the headers.

Both versions are not good, and I think we can fix them now without
too much pain.

Here is my proposal:
  ${prefix}/include/win32  -- standard Win32 headers
  ${prefix}/include/msvcrt -- MS Visual C Runtime library
  ${prefix}/include/wine   -- Wine specific headers

It is simple (to understand & implement), clean, and pretty.
And I think it solved Patrik's problem (even if I can't quite
understand what the problem is from the first message :)),
plus a bunch of other things (like making it easy to use other
headers for the Win32 API, etc). And best of all, it seems to 
be easily implementable, no?


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