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Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Fri Nov 29 14:06:52 CST 2002

Here's a proposed addition to the Janitorial projects:

Fix the conformance tests wo that they pass on Windows!!!

Rationale: Running just the kernel tests on NT4 I could not help bu
notice that:
 * drive crashed and then was would not run unattended and then had many
 * environ crashed and then had many failures
 * file has one failure
 * path has 133 failures!
 * process has 4 failures

Testing on Windows 98 also yielded a crash for environ, followed with 20
failures, followed with failures for pretty much every Unicode test out

So according to our tests Windows 98 and NT4 do not conform to the
Windows behavior!

In other words many of our tests are plain incorrect. I strongly suspect
they were written and tested with Wine and never run on Windows
(actually when I tried compiling them some time ago most of them would
not even compile).

Now we have a way to pretty easily compile them on Windows. Here's the

 * get the Wine source
 * run ./tools/winapi/msvcmaker --no-wine
   (it's a perl script so you might even be able to do it on Windows)
 * make those source accessible by a Windows machine (e.g. export them
via Samba)
 * load winetest.dsw in Visual C++
 * hit that build button

What we need next:
 1. a way to run all tests. A batch file would do the job nicely.
Patrik, can that be added to msvcmaker?
 2. people to fix the tests so that they actually pass on *all* Windows
 3. volunteers who will run the tests their Windows platform of choice
on a regular basis so that we quickly fix incorrect tests

The people doing 2 could definitely use the help of a couple of people
doing 3 since they will probably not have access to all Windows

Once the initial fixing is done we will really need people doing 3 to
prevent bad tests from comming back.

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