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> Here's a proposed addition to the Janitorial projects:
> Fix the conformance tests wo that they pass on Windows!!!
> Rationale: Running just the kernel tests on NT4 I could not help bu
> notice that:
>  * drive crashed and then was would not run unattended and then had many
> failures
>  * environ crashed and then had many failures
>  * file has one failure
>  * path has 133 failures!
>  * process has 4 failures
> Testing on Windows 98 also yielded a crash for environ, followed with 20
> failures, followed with failures for pretty much every Unicode test out
> there.
> So according to our tests Windows 98 and NT4 do not conform to the
> Windows behavior!
> In other words many of our tests are plain incorrect. I strongly suspect
> they were written and tested with Wine and never run on Windows
> (actually when I tried compiling them some time ago most of them would
> not even compile).
> Now we have a way to pretty easily compile them on Windows. Here's the
> procedure:
>  * get the Wine source
>  * run ./tools/winapi/msvcmaker --no-wine
>    (it's a perl script so you might even be able to do it on Windows)
>  * make those source accessible by a Windows machine (e.g. export them
> via Samba)
>  * load winetest.dsw in Visual C++
>  * hit that build button
> What we need next:
>  1. a way to run all tests. A batch file would do the job nicely.
> Patrik, can that be added to msvcmaker?
>  2. people to fix the tests so that they actually pass on *all* Windows
> platforms
>  3. volunteers who will run the tests their Windows platform of choice
> on a regular basis so that we quickly fix incorrect tests
> The people doing 2 could definitely use the help of a couple of people
> doing 3 since they will probably not have access to all Windows
> platforms.
> Once the initial fixing is done we will really need people doing 3 to
> prevent bad tests from comming back.

Are we going to divide this up by Major (Win98/NT4/2k) or Major and Minor
(SP1, SR1, SE, etc)?

I can volunteer for Win2k (SP3 if Major and Minor)


P.S. If needed I could probably find some free space or an old drive to
install Win98 Regular on and run some tests...

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